sozzled Sunday

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sozzled Sunday

So how many of you were/are as there was no Sunday thread.
I've been out for the day, can't quite believe we managed it, G still got work related texts and stuff and I did think about throwing his phone away. On the whole it was a good day

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I've been out all day. Just about to get a carry out and open a bottle of wine.

Church this morning. It has been the first good day weather-wise for ages so we spent the afternoon in the garden. DH cut the back grass and I got lots of my vegetables planted out. We all went to church tonight as the daughter of one of our members was talking about a couple of charities she is involved with in Africa. Some of the stories of what the women suffer as a result of childbirth were awful.

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I've been out all day too.

It was the usual horse riding lesson for dd and myself this morning, then home for some lunch and wait for ds to finish on the computer then we went out to a local park, where they were holding a horse show.

We also had a good walk through the park and found another geocache, walked back and the kids had half hour or so on the playground, then it was home for tea.  

I will also admit to opening a bottle of white tonight ... the first wine I have had for ages!

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I was gardening most of the day, pants I hate it.  My garden looks lovely in the sunshine today though lol.

Another on the wine last night too, we had steak so a bottle of red was a necessity!!

Glad you had a good day Jacqui.

ursh x