Sponge Bob to take schools by storm?

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If it takes Spongebob to get some of them interested, then I'm all for it, tbh. With many children, it is just getting them started with reading, writing, maths etc that is the difficult bit, and with some it can take, literally, years. If Spongebob works, then great. Not sure how it would go down with the half of the class who didn't like him .....................

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I appreciate what you are saying Daedy. Its an interesting take on it that I hadn't considered.

I can only say in her defence that the children were highly amused they'd been 'had' ...it will have been very sweetly and kindly done, and she herself will have spent all morning pretending to be scared at all the 'Miss, there's a spider on your leg' jokes The whole thing will have been done in a spirit of camaraderie and enjoying a fun British custom together (european? worldwide??? do you know, I've no idea!) rather than a 'mean' lets pole fun at the kids way.

I think as an older (and highly experienced) teacher she can 'get away' with some things that a younger teacher would not be able to pull off.

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Spongebob....*shakes head sadly*

I think the April Fools joke is brilliant, but I would think that a sensible teacher would have taken account of the personalities in her class. Of course you know if your class is full of kids who for whatever reason might not get it, and if that were the case, you wouldn't do it. However, i can see that some years, you might have a slightly different mix of kids in your class and they WOULD all get it, so why not do it? Its just for fun.

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well I didn't suddenly stop trusting teachers when an April fools was played on me, it's all abouthow a good teacher can engage a class