The Sun £9.50 holidays

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I didn't like it.


We paid for upgrade to the 'gold' thing - and went to the Isle of Wight - all in all it was around £300 by the time I'd finished upgrading and adding days to make it worthwhile.

The booking in process took about 4 hours, we were sitting in a stinking indoor pub place and they came out with huge trays in the end with everyones envelopes in for keys and things, it was a stampede.

I could sit in my caravan and watch the rats running around the bin.

And the caravan front door leaked, which soaked the entire living room carpet - despite any number of visits to reception there was 'nothing they could do' because 'all the caravans were full'.  The entire site was full of sun readers.  You can work that out for yourself.

And within two days we went and booked into a nearby hotel with a pool and room service.  Which actually, at that time of year, would have been cheaper to have booked for the entire week than the money we spent on that awful caravan.

It is one of the worst holidays I've ever had in my life.

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Dogs are definately allowed at Hafan y mor,weve stayed there a few times,portmadog is lovely miss p,just a tad quiet,the chippy near the site is lovely though. Primrose valley is lovely and is great access to scaborough,weve also been to craig atra at ayr,thats all right as a base but thats about it.