What did you do on your first day on your own?

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I won't get a few hours to myself until 24th September, while ys has started nursery hes only in an hour a day this week and I have to stay, then they build it up half an hour a week until they do 2 1/2hrs a day, not the longest free day but I'll take 2 1/2hrs over nothing.

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DH took my laptop to work today to load something onto it.  So I was really productive while YD was in Nursery - took the older girls to school (DH's turn to do the littlies coz the schools are in opposite directions), did a quick food shop, then some batch cooking, nearly completed a set of guiding accounts and cleaned!!! Then YD slept almost all afternoon Smile

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I went to work.

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P goes back to school tomorrow, and i have a LOT of work to do!

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Yesterday was my first day alone & after I cried I washed the windows. Then I scrubbed the bathrooms.
Today i have been shopping for all the little things that you have to go to a million different shops to buy & really enjoyed taking my time.....ended up buying some Christmas presents.
Now I'm home just about to bake some gluten free pizza, make a cuppa, eat a pack of biscuits & do a tad of social networking!!!!!