What was your favourite subject at school?

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Loved Maths - hated History


my fave subject has to be technology.

I loved it all from textile and making cushions, to concocting yummyness in food tech, and then making signs in woodwork!

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Loved English. Like others, I had a truly inspirational teacher - in all ways. I remember going to one lesson to find the school 'bad boy' had piled all the desks and chairs up in the middle of the room - almost reached the ceiling, lol! Other teachers would have gone mad and had him thrown out. Not Miss Smith - she just exclaimed about his wonderful work of art and then asked for volunteers to put the class back. Crisis over and we happily got on with the lesson. Being a good teacher isn't just about subject knowledge and enthusiasm, its about understanding your learners and building a rapport. Thank you, Miss Smith.

PS also loved maths but hated French - again because of the teacher not the subject!


i loved Geography.


Favourite subject had to be art. No right or wrong answers and the teachers are generally weirder than average.

Worst subject was French or R.E because the teachers were terrifying.


I just loved the french lessons with the very funny anh hilarious Mr Jones he had a wig that moved in the opposite direction to where he was walking to.It sat perched very precariously on his small bald head.The wig looked like a dead rat.Occasionally he would bend over and it would slip forward.Our french lessons were so popular and the poor man had no idea why.

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My favourite subject at school was latin, pity I never went into medicine!!!Enjoyed stories about pompei and how life was in ancient times.I always liked languages at school but latin had a history feel to it and captured my interest.Would love to revisit one day.

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I loved history at school Love , I have a good memory for dates and important events. It has stood me in good stead, as I have proceeded as far as you can in education in that subject!
I did not get on too well with physics #:S - I do not know why, it just never clicked with me. But I had to persevere, till I completed the subject, I have never used it, but I did it O:) !

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art - I was always making models or drawing


Hated with a vengeance French and German as both were taught by very old school teachers who made it their aim to make the subject as boring as possible. Loved History - partly due to having a crush on the teacher!