What was your favourite subject at school?

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I liked Biology best as there was lots of fun experiments. I didn't like it when Thomas pulled the legs off a slater (woodlouse) with sticky tape though!


I really enjoyed English because I've always loved reading, and I enjoyed languages, especially German - but I was really bad at it and just don't seem to have a knack for languages.

I hated PE, especially gymnastics, where it was joint sex and the boys got to wear t-shirts and shorts but the girls had to wear tight leotards!

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Loved English as enjoyed reading.
My worst subject was art, as seemed to make a rubbish job of everything.

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I absolutely loved English - especially English literature. I still read anything and everything, and had teachers that realised I had an aptitude for writing.

However, my least favourite subject (the same as Michael!) had to be games. I am chubby, lazy and a bit of a loner - so at least I didn't care when I was picked last for just about everything!


My favourite subject was English because I always got good grades and it always came easily to me. My least favourite subject was maths because I used to get really frustrated with not being able to solve the eqautions and problems.

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my favoraite subject was art and crafts not really becouse i was any good at it but becouse the teacher was lovely!!


i loved history and i still do now Smile

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I loved biology


Maths was my favourite, probably why I ended up as an accountant!!


Maths was my favourite, which was a bit odd as everyone else seemed to hate it but i had a knack for numbers.

Least was probably geography, never been good with maps!