Yawn ....... Yawn .........

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Yawn ....... Yawn .........

I have been awake most of the night with flaming BH contractions! Whoever said (probably a man!!) that these were painless has got no idea. Is there anything worse than lying in bed awake listening to everyone else in the house sleeping?

I eventually ended up getting up at 3 a.m. and watching some rubbish on TV - late night TV is dire isn't it?

The contractions are still going on, they are worse when I sit down, so I'm going to take the kids to school then go for a walk with the dog somewhere.

Don't be getting your hopes up anyone thinking these are the real thing - this baby will end up late just like the other two were!


Really sympathise Trish and I do agree it HAD to be a man coming out with such inane rubbish.

Our ES on 13th July (friday lol) almost 26 years ago in a heat wave like with with a hospital who didn't induce and I went a month over with BH's a large part of my life so I really can empathise. Get some DVD's rented it'll make life a bit more interesting than late night tv.

p xx

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>Big smileBig smile


Same here, sometimes they are so bad that they make me say Ouch, though my midwife said they should slow down soon, well, I hope soon. In a month, that is when the baby is born, lol.
Also they are much stronger this time than with the first pregnancy.
But what truly keeps me awake is the heat, I really hate the hot weather, give me snow any time. Smile


Yes I am due in a month too, although I am seeing my Consultant on Tuesday as he is trying to convince me I should have a CS rather than a natural birth due to the size of the baby and also complications I had during my last birth - so maybe I'll end up with my bubs in two weeks but we'll see.

Hope you are OK, it's no fun being this pregnant in this heat is it?

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Poor you trish, definitely a stupid man who says they're painless. Can't believe you're so close to your due date, how are you feeling generally? Have you finished work now?x


I am OK thanks OA, just too hot but then again I suppose everyone is - whether 8 months pregnant or not!

Yes, I've finished work now. I'm taking the full year off too. I'm in no rush to get back to it tbh, the last month has almost put me off for life!

How are you doing?


With my first child I had an emergency c-section after very long 36 hours of labour attached to the pitocin tube, and no progress, so this time I am having a planned one. Had to fight for it though, as they wanted me to try VBAC, not for medical reasons (they actually agreed with me on that one), but to justify their budget. But the date they offered me is 26 July which is one day before my due date, so fingers crossed, I last as along. The baby is already big (6-7 pounds according to the midwife), but my firstborn was 10 pounds and I am hoping this one will be not as big.
I am utterly dizzy in this heat, feeling like I should move to live in the fridge.
Best wishes!


TBH I take no notice at all when they say the baby is big. I was told DD would be about 10 or 11 pound - she was 8lb 6! It's the complications I suffered in that birth that the Consultant is now worried about.

If I do opt for the CS I can choose either the 14th or the 21st July for it. I will go for the 21st as that's a week(ish) before my due date and I like them to cook for as long as possible, and also the 14th is DD's first sports day!

I have nearly passed out in this heat. I have taken to sitting in a cool bath for hours on end.

My due date is 25th July btw so we really are close to each others!