You know you're a primary school parent when...

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You know you're a primary school parent when...

These are funny but oh so true!

Can you add anymore? 

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Eggs roll freely in the fridge because you needed the box to make cardboard flowers.

You refuse to buy certain plastic toys on the grounds that they will hurt too much when you step on them with bare feet.

You can name over a dozen rainbow fairies/moshi monsters.

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You have an endless supply of runny glue, coloured paper, and an over flowing recycling box of cereal boxes because you don't throw it away just incase.....

Your kitchen table, (despite every available covering or mat) has every colour of the rainbow somewhere on it.

It doesn't matter if you've used it or not, there is glitter...loads of glitter.

Encrusted jewels of playdough that occur in the mosr peculiar

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Your walls are covered in pictures, well I say pictures, but it's just pieces of paper with something on them

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You make a point of visiting the cash machine before your child's first day. I took out £50, and its all gone.