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Child learning to write at home
The legalities of home education in the UK
Here’s our plain-English guide to the law surrounding home education in the UK – it’s not as complicated as you might think!
Children reading outdoors
Getting started with home education: your step-by-step guide
Beginning to home educate your child is a big leap into the unknown, so how do you actually get the ball rolling? We explain how the process works in...
Learning to write at home
Home education: your FAQs answered
Thinking about home educating your child in the UK? We tackle some of the burning questions.
Family learning in a museum
How to write an educational philosophy
An educational philosophy can focus your home-educated child's learning and satisfy the local authority. We explain how to put it together.
What is a force?
What is a force?
Without forces our world would be silent and immobile. We explain what children learn about forces in Year 3 and Year 5 in the primary-school...
Bristol Food Connections
Family learning adventures in May 2016
Meet a favourite author, learn to make bread, do some bug hunting or see a traditional Punch and Judy show – it's our monthly round-up of five...
Primary-school children using computers
The parent's guide to InCAS tests
Many primary-school pupils in Northern Ireland and Scotland are assessed every year using InCAS tests. We explain what’s involved.
Evolution in biology
What are adaptation and evolution?
Children study animal and plant adaptations and evolution in Key Stage 2 science. Find out how children learn about adaptation and the theory of...
What is a life cycle?
What is a life cycle?
All living things have life cycles; animals produce offspring and plants produce seeds which germinate into new plants. Find out what your child...
Listening skills for kids
Improving your child’s listening skills
Listening is a vital skill for your primary-school child, but how can you help to develop it?
What are states of matter?
What are states of matter?
Matter makes up our physical universe. In primary school children learn about the matter on Earth, which exists in one of three states: solid, liquid...
Child and tutor working together
How to get the best from tutoring
If you’re investing in a tutor for your child, you’ll want to get your money’s worth. We explain how to make the most of tutoring.
Butlin’s Astonishing Family Science Weekends
Butlin’s Astonishing Family Science Weekend reviewed by parents
Butlin’s new Astonishing Family Science Weekends are designed to give children aged six to 14 a taste of how science works in everyday life. Lucy...
What are materials?
What are materials?
Metal, plastic, wood, glass... just some of the materials we use to make the things that surround us. Find out what your child will be taught about...
What is a magnet?
What are magnets?
Magnets. poles, magnetic fields and magnetism... Find out about the terminology your primary-school child will be using in the classroom and try some...
Eureka museum sleepover
The UK’s best museum sleepovers for kids
What could be better than spending a day with your child at one of the UK’s best family museums? Well, how about spending the night there...
What is flexi-schooling?
What is flexi-schooling?
Tempted by the idea of home educating but not sure you could do it full-time? Flexi-schooling could be the perfect compromise, writes Elisabeth...
Pros and cons of single-sex primary and secondary education
Single-sex schools: the pros and cons
Would you consider a girls' school or boys' school for your child at primary or secondary level? We take a look at single-sex education and...
Home education maths
The laws on home education in Wales
As home education surges in popularity in Wales, we explain the facts you need to know if you're considering home-educating your child.
Home education mum and daughter
Home education laws in Scotland
Are you a parent in Scotland considering home-educating your child? We explain the legal process you'll need to follow.
Home education painting
Home education and the law in Northern Ireland
In recent years there has been controversy around the right to home educate in Northern Ireland. We explain what the law says.
Home education child doing maths
Home education in England: the facts
What does the English law say about your right to home educate your child? We explain the legalities and practicalities of getting started with home...
Noa Haim Collective Paper Aesthetics © Maker Faire
Family learning adventures in April 2016
Dodge those sneaky showers and get out and about with the family with our monthly round-up of five of the best kid-friendly and educational events...
Mother and daughter hug
How to help your child with anxiety
Anxiety is on the rise amongst primary school children, but, with the right support, they can overcome it.
Child playing computer games
Positive screen time for children
Despairing of how much time your child spends glued to their laptop, tablet or phone? Here's how to help them get the most out of their screen...
BBC Micro:bit
What is the BBC micro:bit?
All children in Year 7 will now be given their own BBC micro:bit computer coding device. We explain what it’s all about – and put it to the test.
Charles Dickens Museum © Siobhan Doran
Museums reviewed by parents: Dickens Museum
A brilliant way to make KS2 learning about life in Victorian times come to life for your primary-school child, the London home where Charles Dickens...
Hyde Park Easter family activities
101 fantastic activities for the Easter 2016 school holidays
Are you ready to expand your horizons? It's time to journey to the centre of the earth, travel back in time with Marty McFly's DeLorean and...
Playdates in primary school
33 things that always happen on after-school playdates
They're meant to be fun, but they can be anything but – especially if you're the host parent!
Best times tables games and tools
Best times tables learning tools
"Times tables practice"... words guaranteed to make any primary-school parent's heart sink. Make multiplication tables learning a...