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14 of the best children's books for summer 2014
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Primary-school cooking curriculum
Cooking and nutrition in primary schools
For the first time ever, practical cookery lessons are compulsory in primary schools. We explain what your budding MasterChef might learn.
What is the pupil premium?
The parent's guide to the pupil premium
If your child is eligible for free school meals, they may also be entitled to a sum of money paid to their school to boost their learning. We explain...
Mum and child reading poetry
4 ways to bring poetry to life for your child
With poetry on the new national curriculum for children as young as five, poet Adisa the Verbaliser explains how to make poetry magical for your...
What is a cloze test?
What is a cloze test?
An important part of the new-format 11+ exam, and a valuable test of your child's ability in English, we explain what cloze procedures involve.
Dinosaur Zoo © Robert Day
101 fantastic activities for the summer 2014 school holidays
Experience life in the trenches, take a spin in Mr Toad's car and journey to the heart of the Hadron Collider (yes, really) – we've got...
Computing in KS2
What your child learns in Key Stage 2 computing
In Years 3 to 6, computing lessons are a key part of the curriculum. Here’s what your child will learn in KS2.
Computing in KS1
What your child learns in Key Stage 1 computing
Computing is an essential skill for all children to learn, and an important part of the curriculum. Here’s what your child will be taught in Years 1...
No-waste packed lunch solutions
10 of the best no-waste packed lunch solutions
You recycle cans, glass and scraps of paper religiously, but your child's daily lunch box packs the bin with a steady stream of plastic sandwich...
Preparing for the 11+
Top tips for surviving the 11+
Sally Ashworth and her husband have seen three of children through the 11+ (with one more gearing up for the test later this year). From DIY tutoring...
Eureka! reviewed for parents
Museums reviewed by parents: Eureka!
One of the best children's museums in the world, Eureka! is packed with hundreds of hands-on exhibits designed to inspire children to learn...
PE provision for children with disabilities
Active and inclusive: PE provision for children with disabilities
Andrew Shields examines PE provision for children with disabilities and highlights the opportunities that now exist to play sport both in school and...
Manchester Museum reviewed for parents
Museums reviewed by parents: Manchester Museum
Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt, see reptiles and amphibians from Costa Rica, walk beneath a giant whale skeleton, come face-to-face with a...
Museum of Liverpool reviewed by parents
Museums reviewed by parents: Museum of Liverpool
Dress up as a dock master, play in a pint-sized port, explore first- and third-class travel in Victorian times and fall in love with the sounds of...
Summer learning activities
5 learning activities for summer weather
Summer is finally here! Make that wonderful, warm globe of loveliness in the sky into a fantastic learning aid with our hands-on activities, perfect...
Free school meals for Reception, Y1 and Y2 children
Free school meals for infants: your questions answered
From September 2014, all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be offered a free school meal at lunchtime. But what's the point, what...
Best teachers' gifts UK
18 of the best teachers' gifts
A great teacher can change a child's life – and attitude to learning – forever. Whatever your budget, we've picked some of the most...
Look Out Discovery Centre
Museums reviewed by parents: Look Out Discovery Centre
Build a dam, tile a roof, shake your own hand (in an optical illusion) and build a 3D puzzle of the human body − there's all this (and more) to...
How to turn your child into a budding writer
5 ways to turn your child into a budding writer
While some children love nothing more than sitting down with a blank sheet of paper and a pen, others are filled with dread at the thought of writing...
DIG York
Museums reviewed by parents: DIG
Dig, delve and discover objects and stories from the past at York's wonderfully interactive DIG, a real archeological adventure for children (...
York Castle Museum
Museums reviewed by parents: York Castle Museum
The UK's museums offer world-class learning experiences for children and families and our parent reviews highlight some of the best. At York...
Best football books for children
15 of the best kids' books about football
Would your child rather be kicking a ball than picking up a book? Get them excited about reading with fiction and non-fiction titles about the...
York's Chocolate Story
Museums reviewed by parents: York's Chocolate Story
Bring learning to life with a visit to one of our parent-recommended museums and experiences. For a delicious, immersive visit into the world of...
Pirate and Smugglers Day at Arundel Castle © Victoria Dawe
27 fantastic activities for the May 2014 half term holidays
This half term is your chance to enter a brave new world of art and invention (from Turner-Prize-winning teddies to fantastical flying machines),...
Discover Children's Story Centre © Tim Mitchell
Museums reviewed by parents: Discover Children's Story Centre
Bring learning to life with a visit to one of our parent-recommended museums. We love Children's Story Centre Discover, a haven for bookworms,...
World Museum Liverpool girl and dinosaur © Mark McNulty
Museums reviewed by parents: World Museum Liverpool
Our parent-recommended museums make bringing learning to life easy and fun. For the chance to explore creatures and people from our past and our...
Child looking at tablet computer
How to keep children safe on social media
Once your children start using the Internet independently, how do you keep them safe while allowing them to make the most of and enjoy social media...
Primary grading system from 2014
Primary-school grading system explained for parents
In September 2014 national curriculum levels in English schools will be replaced by a new grading system. We explain what parents need to know about...
Reception assessment tests explained for parents
Reception baseline assessment tests explained for parents
Starting school used to be about settling in, making new friends and learning to be independent. Now four and five year olds are set to face ‘...
Primary-school maths aids: child counting pasta shapes
10 brilliant primary-school maths aids
Children often learn faster if they are allowed to use practical equipment to support them. Primary teacher Angela Smith explains what maths aids...