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Starting school tips
Beat your first day of school nerves
You've prepared your child for their first day at school, but how will YOU hold it together at the school gates? We've rounded up the best...
Ofsted reports explained for parents
Ofsted inspections explained for parents
Reading Ofsted reports is likely to be one of the first things you do when you’re choosing a school for your child, but what do the inspections...
Selective and super-selective schools explained
What are selective and super-selective schools?
Places at selective and super-selective schools are highly sought after, with many applicants for every place – but what's the difference...
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Museums reviewed by parents: Globe Theatre
Experience the magic of the Shakespearean stage as a family at the Globe Theatre Exhibition and Tour in London. From stage fighting to period...
Best books for children for summer 2015
14 of the best books for children for summer 2015
Make this the summer when your child journeys to ancient Rome, becomes a secret agent, takes to the high seas, finds out about England's past,...
Cycling the school run
Starting school: what Year 6 parents think you should know
What tips would experienced Year 6 parents pass on to families whose children are just about to start Reception? Lucy Dimbylow asked seasoned mums...
Mum and child talking
Speaking and listening skills for SEN kids: parents' tips
Communicating effectively is hard for all of us, but children with special educational needs can find it particularly challenging. Help them practise...
What is PPA time?
What is PPA time?
All teachers are entitled to time out of the classroom to prepare and mark lessons. We explain how it works and how it affects your child.
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101 fantastic activities for the summer 2015 school holidays
Cheer on a medieval joust, experience a Blitz blackout or hide yourself in a giant red hot chilli pepper (yes, really) – we've got a whole host...
Mum and daughter walking to school
9 secrets of stress-free school mornings
Do you ever feel like a stuck record, shouting instructions at your child in an attempt to leave the house on time? We reveal the tactics that could...
11+ maths test explained for parents
The beginner's guide to 11+ maths
If your child is taking the 11+, their maths skills will be tested as part of the assessment process. We explain what the maths task involves.
Maths games to play at home
Five fun maths activities to try at home
From board games to baking, we’ve rounded up the best ways to get your child practising their maths skills without even realising.
What is the 11+ English test?
The beginner's guide to the 11+ English task
An English task is a key part of the 11+ exam in many areas, but what does the test actually involve?
What is a class rep?
What is a class rep?
Volunteering as class rep is a great way to help your child's school and get to know other parents. We explain what the role involves.
12+ and 13+ explained for parents
What is the 12+/13+ late transfer test?
If your heart is set on a grammar school place for your child but they didn't pass the 11+ you could consider late transfer test. We explain the...
7+ explained for parents
7+ entrance exams explained
If you’re considering an independent prep school for your child, it’s important to know what to expect from the entry procedure. We explain the facts...
SEN friendship tips
Making friends and play for SEN kids: parents' tips
Making friends and learning how to play are an important part of growing up, but it can be hard for children with special educational needs to learn...
Positive mental health tips for children with SEN
Positive mental health tips for parents of SEN children
If your child has special educational needs it can be particularly hard to identify mental health difficulties. Help them express their feelings and...
Old Operating Theatre © Jon Arnold
Museums reviewed by parents: Old Operating Theatre, London
Found – the perfect London museum for older kids looking for something beyond the much-loved but well-worn round of Science and Natural History...
Truth about primary school fêtes
17 things you need to know about primary school fêtes
The primary school summer fete: the culmination of months of planning, and a brilliant fundraiser for your child's school. But before you head...
ADHD and autism in girls
Autism and ADHD in girls
Spotting the signs of autism and ADHD in girls can be difficult, and getting a diagnosis even harder. So how can you tell if your daughter has one of...
Child reading maths story book
Best maths story books for children
Introduce ratio, pie charts, probability and even simplifying fractions to children with these brilliant maths story books, picture-book...
St John Ambulance Big First Aid Lesson
Essential first aid skills for your primary school child
Learning a few basic skills could help your child make a real difference in an emergency. St John Ambulance offers some advice on the first aid...
Best early reader tools
7 of the best early reader tools
From interactive games and apps to simplified reading books and learning-to-read devices, we love the early reader tools available to parents and...
What is mystery text?
What is mystery text?
Mystery text explained for parents, including examples of how children might work on crime stories in KS2 and suggestions of great mystery story...
Eyesight health checks
What are school entry health checks?
Soon after starting school your child’s weight, height, vision and hearing will be tested, but what do these checks actually involve?
Handwriting and learning
How handwriting helps your child’s learning
Handwriting may seem an out-dated skill, but it can give your child’s learning a boost in almost every area. We explain how learning to write...
Sharks at the National Marine Aquarium
26 fantastic activities for the May 2015 half term holidays
Take a trip down the rabbit hole this half term with our selection of 26 weird and wonderful adventures for you and your children – learn about...
Dover Castle © English Heritage
Museums reviewed by parents: Dover Castle
Travel back in time to meet medieval monarchs, wander through winding, eerie 13th century underground defences and explore the Secret Wartime Tunnels...
Mum and child looking at a computer
Is your child addicted to video games?
How do you know if your child’s passion for gaming is getting out of control? We explain how to spot the signs and beat the obsession.