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Child in classroom
9 habits of smart kids
Want to raise a high-flying child? Here's how to encourage good learning skills that'll set them up for life.
Child sneezing
Hay fever in school-age children
Sports day and outdoor play can be miserable for children with a pollen allergy. We asked Amena Warner from Allergy UK for her advice on tackling hay...
Historical dressing up
Kids' historical costumes to buy
Planning ahead for Victorian day at school? Looking for an easy evacuee costume or a Roman centurion outfit? From Stone Age to suffragettes and...
Primary-school bedwetting
Bedwetting in school-age children
Around 12 per cent of children still wet the bed when they're primary-school age. Bedwetting can be embarrassing and upsetting for children, but...
Lunch box art
18 lunchbox hacks every parent should know
Fed up of making the same old packed lunches everyday? These brilliant ideas will save time and money, and make your child's daily lunch more...
Child meditating in park
Mindfulness in primary schools explained
Mindfulness is now a part of the school day for many children. We take a look at how it helps them be their best.
Parent and child talking
Talking to children about terrorism and distressing events
How can we talk to our kids about tragic incidents without scaring them? We have expert tips for handling difficult conversations with your primary-...
Children in school cafeteria
Catching up at school after a long absence
From making up missed work to fitting back in with friends, how can children reintegrate at school after weeks away?
Children writing in classroom
Keeping up at school during a long-term absence
Falling behind at school can be an extra thing to worry about if your child is on extended sick leave, but there are ways to help them stay up to...
Festival of Nature, Bristol
Family learning adventures in June 2017
Travel through the body, bake for charity, spot 1,000 species in 24 hours, write some historical fiction, get creative in Children's Art Week...
Teacher and pupil reading
16 ways to help a struggling reader in Key Stage 2
Is reading yet to click for your child? These ideas, from hi-low readers to establishing a reading buddy pet, will help set them on the right track.
Children in playground
What is sensory processing disorder?
Many children have difficulty experiencing the world as a result of sensory issues. We take a look at this often misunderstood disorder and explain...
Child and parent writing
How dyslexia affects writing
From formulating ideas to getting words on the page, we take a look at why written work can be a challenge for dyslexic children and suggest ways to...
Mother and daughter writing
How dyslexia affects spelling
Dyslexia can have a profound effect on how your child learns to spell, but there are strategies to help them tackle their challenges. We share advice...
Father and son reading
How dyslexia affects reading
From difficulty with phonics to ‘dancing’ letters, dyslexic children may face extra challenges when they're learning to read. We explain how you...
What is decomposition?
What is decomposition?
Decomposition in computer programming explained by TheSchoolRun's Billy Rebecchi, with details of how children are taught to decompose programs...
Hay Festival © Elisabeth Broekaert
26 fantastic activities for the May 2017 half term holidays
Go time travelling this half term with our selection of 26 educational adventures for you and your family – experience a medieval castle under siege...
Primary children in the classroom
What your child learns in KS2 RE
From learning about religious festivals to exploring their own beliefs and values, here's what your child will cover in KS2 Religious Education.
Jurassic Kingdom
Family learning adventures in May 2017
Cast those clouts aside and make merry with our regular round-up of five of the best kid-friendly and educational events happening across the country...
© National Museum of Scotland
Museums reviewed by parents: National Museum of Scotland
Discover the secrets of Scottish history all the way from the Big Bang to Sir Chris Hoy, see a T-Rex up close and meet the world-famous Dolly the...
Teacher-children RE discussion in classroom
What your child learns in KS1 RE
Religious education is compulsory in all maintained primary schools. We explain what your child may learn.
Best Easter books for kids
Best Easter books for children
British children receive an average of five Easter eggs each year, with 29% of kids getting more than 10! We say it's time to replace some of...
Winchester Science Centre Rockets
101 fantastic activities for the Easter 2017 school holidays
Come face to face with a dodo, set off on Moomin hunt in Kew Gardens and even have a go at making your own quasar – it's a real voyage of...
Vikings © Yorvik
Family learning adventures in April 2017
Dodge those sneaky showers and make the most of the sunshine with our round-up of five of the best kid-friendly and educational events happening...
Anger management for kids
How to help your child manage their anger
Is your child’s temper affecting their learning, friendship and family life? Anger management strategies could help them get their emotions under...
What is a learning log?
What is a learning log?
Learning logs are growing in popularity in primary schools, giving children more control over their learning. We take a look at what's involved.
Child and mother speaking to doctor
What is CAMHS?
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services provide help for young people suffering a range of difficulties. We take a look at how they could help...
School waiting lists explained
School waiting lists explained
Missed out on a place at the school of your choice? Joining the waiting list could keep the door open for your child.
Best books about geography for kids
Best geography books for children
From natural landscapes to human habitats and cultures, each of these books about our world introduces kids to the diversity, complexity and beauty...
What is a programming language?
What is a programming language?
Children are introduced to simple programming languages as early as KS1. Understand how your child will start to use drag-and-drop programming like...