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Secondary school pupils
The parents' guide to secondary school: types of school
Not sure whether your child would do best at an academy, free school or grammar school? We explain the different types of secondary school.
What is Standard English?
What is Standard English?
Standard English is accepted as the "correct" form of English, used in formal speaking or writing. In primary school children are expected...
Secondary school homework a guide for parents
The parents' guide to secondary school: homework
The amount of homework your child has to do will increase dramatically when they start secondary school. We explain what's involved.
Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium
Museums reviewed by parents: Winchester Science Centre
Hands-on science at its best, Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium offers an experiment-packed day out for the whole family. We review what...
Secondary students studying
The parents’ guide to secondary school: assessment explained
Exams are part and parcel of secondary school life, but do you know exactly what assessments your child will take?
Primary school in Italy
Primary school around the world: Italy
Would you take a career break to give your child a flavour of school in a different country? We meet one mum who did.
School Lifetime Subscription
TheSchoolRun School LIfetime Subscription
Want to support your child's learning for the whole of their primary school journey? A School Lifetime Subscription gives you 7 years'...
Primary school in Sweden
Primary school around the world: Sweden
Scandinavian countries are renowned for the quality of their education, but what's it actually like to go to primary school in Sweden?
Primary school in France
Primary school around the world: France
Wednesdays off and four-course school dinners: we take a look at what it's like to go to primary school in France.
Secondary school performance measures explained for parents
The parents' guide to secondary school: performance measures
Every parent wants their child to go to a secondary school that will help them reach their potential. We explain how to interpret the league tables.
Child and parent in swimming pool
11 ways to teach your child water confidence
Swimming is part of the National Curriculum, but 45 per cent of children leave primary school unable to swim the required 25 metres. Here's how...
Magical Lantern Festival
Family learning adventures in January 2017
Take a trip into the unknown in 2017, as we bring you January's five of the best educational activities for children. Expect some seriously...
What are imperial units?
What are imperial units?
How children learn about imperial units of measurement in primary school, plus metric to imperial conversion tables.
Child writing in diary
8 great reasons for your child to keep a diary
Writing a diary is more than just a way for your child to record their daily life: it can have impressive educational benefits, too.
Primary children in the classroom
6 reasons kids hate maths – and what you can do about it
Does your child dread their maths lessons and end up in tears over homework? We take a look at what’s going wrong, and how you can help.
Israel cityscape
Primary school around the world: Israel
Long holidays, religious festivals and a focus on physical education: we take a look at what it’s like to be a primary school pupil in Israel.
Primary school in Australia
Primary school around the world: Australia
What’s it like to go to school Down Under? We talked to one British family living in Sydney.
Tricks of the light © Museum of Science and Industry
101 fantastic activities for the Christmas 2016 school holidays
Help bake a gingerbread London, raise an illuminated Mary Rose from the deep or even enjoy a spot of virtual tree-hugging – it's all going to be...
Learning outside the classroom
Taking your child on a learning adventure
Ever been tempted to take your child out of school and go travelling with them? We take a look at how to make it work.
Ready, Steady Colour Christmas Feast at Discover Children's Story Centre
Family learning adventures in December 2016
There's magic and merriment a-plenty this season, as we bring you five of the best educational activities for kids in December – expect some...
Teaching tolerance in primary school
Teaching children tolerance
With over a third of young people having witnessed hate speak online, how can we tackle intolerance by raising the next generation of open-minded and...
School nurse and child
How a school nurse could help your child
School nurses play a vital role in linking the two important areas of education and health. We explain what their role involves and when you might...
Wonderlab at the Science Museum © Plastiques Photography
Museums reviewed by parents: Science Museum London
Contemplate the awe-inspiring complexity of life and human scientific achievement at London's Science Museum, one of the world's leading...
What are primary-school CATs?
What are primary school CATs?
Even in non-SATs years, some primary-school children take formal tests known as CATs. We explain what the GL Assessment CAT or CAT4 tests for primary...
'Home educating our bullied daughter has changed our lives'
Lisa Miley from Essex began home educating her daughter Leanne, nine, after she was bullied at school. She shares her story.
Best Christmas books for kids 2016
16 of the best new books for children for Christmas 2016
Guarantee that plenty of reading will be done over the Christmas break by investing in a pile of books for your child to find under the tree....
School children singing
Welsh language teaching in Wales
The Welsh language is an important part of the curriculum in Wales, but what do children learn and how is it balanced with their learning of English?
Walking with lemurs at Howletts Wild Animal Park
Museums reviewed by parents: Howletts Wild Animal Park
Watch lemurs leaping over your head, come face-to-face with a family of gorillas or even have a quick clamber through the treetops – there's a...
Schoolchildren stacking hands
What is a Montessori school?
It’s a term typically associated with nurseries, but many primary-school children benefit from a Montessori education, too. We explain what’s...
Louisa Barnieh and family
'I'm home educating my children to save on school fees'
For families living overseas, home education can be an alternative to formal schooling. One family explains why they decided to teach their children...