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At-Bristol Science Centre
101 fantastic activities for the Christmas 2014 school holidays
Carve out your own ice sculpture, take a trip through Sherlock's London or discover an secret underground forest – it's all going to be an...
Supporting EAL learners
Supporting your child at primary school if English isn’t your first language
Many parents find helping with school work challenging, and it can be even harder if you're not a native English speaker. So how can you help...
Best coding toys for kids - Sphero
Best coding toys for children
Turn screen time into a super-powered learning experience with a new generation of coding toys. Your child will learn programming skills as they play...
GL Assessment 11+ grammar school entrance tests explained for parents
GL Assessment 11+ tests explained for parents
It’s one of the main developers of grammar school entrance exams in the UK, but what do GL Assessment’s 11+ tests involve?
Best chemistry sets for children
Best chemistry sets for children
Introduce your child to the world of chemical reactions, crystallisation and chromatography with the right chemistry set for every age and stage....
Lancashire 11+ guide for parents
Taking the 11+ test in Lancashire
What's involved in the entrance assessment for Lancashire's grammar schools? We have the details.
Yorkshire 11+ guide for parents
The Yorkshire 11+ test explained
Yorkshire has six selective schools, split across three local authorities. Here's what you need to know about taking the entrance tests.
Northern Ireland secondary transfer test guide for parents
The Northern Ireland transfer test
Since the 11+ was discontinued in 2008, pupils in Northern Ireland have taken a transfer test for grammar school entry. We explain what's...
Best electronics sets for children
Best electronics sets for children
Learning how circuits work is an important part of Key Stage 2 science. Make the learning light up, buzz, ring and whizz up into the air with these...
Surrey 11+ guide for parents
Taking the 11+ in Surrey
Surrey's grammar schools are some of the most competitive in the country. We have the facts you need to know about their entrance exams.
Barnet and Enfield 11+ guide for parents
The 11+ in Barnet and Enfield
Competition is fierce for places at Barnet and Enfield's grammar schools, so what does the 11+ test involve?
What are contracted words?
What are contracted words or contractions?
Contracted words or contractions are used every day in spoken and written English. Help your child keep them straight with our parents' guide,...
What is a kenning?
What is a kenning?
Your child's KS2 poetry classes might include analysis of kennings, two-word phrases characteristic of Anglo-Saxon poetry. We explain what this...
What is an apostrophe?
What is an apostrophe?
Children are first introduced to apostrophes in Year 2. Help them practise punctuating correctly at home with our simple revision tips, covering the...
What is a relative clause?
What is a relative clause?
Relative clauses enrich sentences by offering extra information. We explain how to identify them in a sentence and offer tips to help parents support...
What is an embedded clause?
What is an embedded clause?
Understand and use embedded clauses with confidence with our plain-English parents' guide, including examples and details of how this aspect of...
Cumbria 11+ guide for parents
Taking the 11+ test in Cumbria
With only one grammar school in Cumbria, we explain what you need to know about entering your child for the entrance test.
What are fronted adverbials?
What are fronted adverbials?
Fronted adverbials, words or phrases that describe the action in a sentence, are introduced to KS2 children in Year 4. Find out how to identify them...
Lincolnshire 11+ guide for parents
The Lincolnshire 11+ test explained
With a massive 15 selective schools to choose from, what do you need to know about registering your child for the Lincolnshire 11+?
Liverpool and the Wirral 11+ guide for parents
Taking the 11+ in Liverpool and the Wirral
The Liverpool and Wirral areas have 10 schools that are fully or partially selective. We explain their testing arrangements.
Berkshire 11+ guide for parents
The 11+ test in Berkshire
All the facts you need to know about entering your child for the 11+ test for entrance to the Slough and Reading grammar schools.
Devon 11+ guide for parents
11+ testing in Devon explained
With three separate Local Authorities involved, applying for a grammar school place in Devon can be challenging. We cut through the confusion and...
What are cardinal and ordinal numbers?
What are cardinal and ordinal numbers?
Reception and KS1 children all learn cardinal and ordinal numbers. We explain how your child will be taught to count and sequence numbers correctly...
What are prisms and pyramids?
What are prisms and pyramids?
Prisms and pyramids explained for parents, including practical ways children work with 3D shapes in the classroom and learn about their properties.
What is a polygon?
What is a polygon?
Can you tell your hexagons from your heptagons? Your octagons from your decagons? We explain how polygons are taught in primary school, with examples...
Learning about other languages and cultures
Learning languages through culture
Learning a language at primary school is more than just words; it’s a gateway to other cultures. Dawn Francis-Pester shares top tips for bringing...
Learning languages in primary school
Supporting your child's language-learning at home
Want to encourage your child with foreign language learning? We speak to experts who suggest ways to help your child with languages at home, even if...
Grimm Tales
11 of the best theatre shows for children for Christmas 2014
All over the country wonderful family shows are staged during the festive season, so make this the year your introduce your child to live performance...
Word board games for children
Best word games for children
Expand vocabulary, develop spelling skills, learn about homophones, anagrams and synonyms and compose huge numbers of silly sentences... all while...
Applying to primary schools for parents
Your starting school action plan
From finding out about your local schools to making your application and beyond, we talk you through the process of signing your child up for primary...