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Children raising their hand in class
What is Religion and Worldviews?
Some schools choose to teach religious education with a worldview approach, but what is this and how is it different? We asked Deborah Weston OBE, former Director of Spiritual, Moral and Social and Cultural Development at Mulberry School For girls and current chair of the RE Policy Unit for NATRE, the REC and RE Today, to explain what parents need to know.
Best YouTube channels for home education
Best YouTube channels for home education
Whether you want your child to learn about maths, geography, science or history, they'll be happy to watch a video about it – and these YouTube channels introduce topics through songs, animations, experiments, skits and riddles. From phonics for new readers to physics for keen scientists, these are the educational channels to subscribe to.
Assemblies and collective worship in UK primary schools
Assemblies and collective worship in primary schools
Every school in England has to hold a daily act of collective worship, which usually takes place during assemblies. We explore what's involved – and what to do if you object.
Primary children in the classroom
What your child learns in KS2 RE
From learning about religious festivals to exploring their own beliefs and values, here's what your child will cover in KS2 Religious Education.
Teacher-children RE discussion in classroom
What your child learns in KS1 RE
Religious education is compulsory in all maintained primary schools. We explain what your child may learn.
Child and parent research on the computer
How to help your child develop research skills
Knowing how to use books and the internet for research is a vital skill for KS2 pupils. We explain how to help your primary-school child.
The Hutchinson family
'We wanted to give our children a faith-based education'
Parents Kirsty and Simon Hutchinson explain how they integrate their religious beliefs into their home education routine.
Child using a dictionary
Best reference books for children
Reference books and dictionaries offer us information that's accurate, well researched and beautifully presented and are invaluable when you're working on a homework project. From atlases to dictionaries and encyclopedias, we recommend some of the best English, maths, science, history and geography reference books for primary-school children.
Primary-school pupils
What is a faith school?
They’re some of the best-performing schools in the UK, but faith schools have many opponents. We take a look at the faith school system and how it works.
Philosophy in primary school
Philosophy in primary school: how thinking skills will benefit your child
Pondering life’s big questions could have some surprising benefits for your child. So how is philosophy taught in primary schools, and how can you encourage children to think deeper at home?
RE lesson in primary school
How is religion taught in schools?
Every school has to teach religious education and hold an act of worship each day. But what happens if you don’t like what’s on offer? In this extract from TheSchoolRun's The Essential Guide to Primary School, we explore what your child learns and your rights as a parent.