The Age of Stupid (Storyville) - BBC4 (available on iPlayer)

Did anyone see this? Absolutely brilliant, yet deeply harrowing. Should be shown to every secondary school pupil in the UK as part of PSE.

In short, it is 'set' in 2055, in a bunker, 800 miles north of Norway; where Pete Postlethwaite has gathered together an archive of the World. Because the World has succumbed to climate change.

It uses actual footage from 2007 and 2008, including hugely emotional stories from children from Iraq, a woman in Nigeria in the middle of a Shell development, and a Mont Blanc tour guide who has been conducting tours of the area since 1956 and, from being able to step straight onto a glacier, now has to traverse down about 5 ladders to reach it because it has melted so much.

Essential viewing for everyone - particularly everyone who thinks that climate change is imagined, or thinks 'why bother, I can't do anything'.

I've been sat in tears just thinking how I will probably be dead in 2055, but my darling children won't be. I might even have grandchildren. They'll be the ones paying the price for our ridiculous consumption and selfishness.