The Alchemist and The Angel by Joanne Owen

My YS (10) read the book (kindly supplied by Michael) and wrote this review. (Michael do I need to give you the review in another format too?)

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The Alchemist and The Angel is an exhilarating, epic adventure that all ages can enjoy.
The plot is clever, fast and the unpredictable turn of events will guarantee an enthusiastic reader all the way through the book.

This exciting tale is about a boy called Jan whose mother and father were taken by the beast that is the plague. Then unexpectedly Uncle Gustav, the owner of the House of 7 stars and famous alchemist in Vienna, dies. So the adventure begins as Auntie Greta takes Jan to the plague ridden streets of Prague. Then Greta disappears, so read this excellent, exciting book to find out if Jan will ever find Greta.

Although much of the book was a great success, the side stories may distract the reader, making them lose focus and forget where the scene and setting is so they have to spend more time going back and forth trying to understand the book better.
And I have a certain amount of time that I am allowed to read for at nights, but the chapters are extremely long so I have to damage the book to keep my place, when I could just read the chapter, but I would fall asleep and lose my place, which is a shame for such a good book.

And when I say good book I mean an excellent book, because the plot fits together like a jigsaw straight from the factory, and the quality is excellent, fun and epic.
The reader will be enthused and if the reader hates the book then the ending will change his/her opinion because of the turn of events.

I would recommend the book to 10+ because of the contents, and to both boys and girls, especially those into adventure, thrill and magic.

Marks out of ten

7 ½ /10