American Exchange Visit


DD has just finished her Spanish exchange.  She survived, largely by meeting up with friends and their Spanish exchanges during any free time.

She has been offered the opportunity to do a two week exchange with a school in the US.  She would go to their school in October, and her exchange would come to us in June 2013 for two weeks.  DD would be on her own at the school in US (ie with her exchange, but with no other girls from her school), and the US student would have noone she knew during her time with us.  I have told DD that it would be different from the Spanish exchange, in that she and the US student would speak the same language!

What are your thoughts on this as a concept?  OH and I are quite keen that DD should apply (not necessarily a given that she would get chosen to go), but DD is being a bit "unsure."  I really wouldn't pressurise her to do something she was unhappy with, conceptually, but she still can't give me any valid reason.  

Would you encourage your children to go?