Are you happy?


I feel guilty even thinking this as people have far worse problems, but I sometimes wonder if I'm really happy in my relationship or if I just go with the flow.  We get on 'fine' most of the time, but we don't seem to make each other laugh any more.

Our youngest is 14 now and we only seem to do things together but never just the two of us.  If she doesn't feel like going out with us, DH loses interest and decides to stay at home.  He's just happy pottering around in the garden etc - he doesn't seem to want to DO stuff with me.  And that includes in the bedroom.  It's never been the be all and end all for us.  We've never had an amazing sex life, but now it's non existent.

Should I be satisfied with this.  My man is wonderful really, he's trustworthy, faithful and kind but sometimes it doesn't feel enough.  Where's the spark??  We've been married nearly 25 years so perhaps I should accept this and just carry on... what do you think and does anyone else out there feel the same or am I just an ungrateful cow?