Book Review - Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman, Ben Cort

"Dinosaurs were all wiped out a long way back in history. No one knows quite how or why. This book solves the mystery. You may wonder why dinosaurs became extinct, well here is the answer...They were all wiped out in a mighty Pants War! Join T-Rex and the rest of the gang as they slog it out to gain prehistoric pants supremacy in this hilarious follow-up to the award-winning Aliens Love Underpants."

My daughter (nearly 5) loved the Aliens Love Underpants book so I knew she'd love this one. This particular book though was a hardback version with a 'roar' button on each page to press, so was aimed at the younger audience. She still loved the story though!

Beautifully illustrated and a funny book, just like the first one!

Highly recommended for 2+ years.