Book review: Killing Cupid by Mark Edwards and Louise Voss

**Disclaimer** author Mark is a former TheSchoolRun colleague.

The blurb says: What happens when the stalker becomes the stalked?

When Alex Parkinson joins a creative writing class, he soon realises that he and his tutor, Siobhan McGowan, are meant to be together. Alex will do anything to be with her. Like buying her designer clothes and lingerie...with her own credit card. Like breaking into her house and reading her diary. Like threatening her ex-boyfriend – and watching his love rival plummet from a rooftop.

But when Alex finally admits defeat and seeks solace elsewhere, Siobhan decides to take revenge. How dare he lose interest in her? He picked the wrong woman to stalk then just back off! As their lives begin to unravel and the past closes in, Alex and Siobhan embark on a collision course that threatens to destroy both themselves and everyone around them...

My review:

This dark and twisty psychological thriller perfectly describes how Alex's devoted, but slightly wide of the mark, actions are seen as completely nutty by the object of his affection Siobhan. Both characters deep flaws are perfectly addressed and their wry humour is brilliantly observed.

One theme of the novel asks us to think about what it is to be desired and just how fine the line is between being chased and terrified; Killing Cupid answers that by taking us right into the mind of a man who doesn't set out to be stalker but ends up just that. Though you might think the big twist is when Siobhan turns the tables on Alex, you'll be suprised by the end.

Pairing two authors is a tricky business but the novel is seamless - I'm really looking forward to seeing what they colloborate on next.

It's only available on Kindle at the moment so a good one for us Kindle fans!