Book Review - Sausages - Rachel Green

Book Review – Sausages – Rachel Green

Making the most of the Great British Sausage

If you’re searching for some fresh inspiration for your sausages then look no further!

A wealth of recipes showcasing the British Sausage in all its glory and to suit every occasion whether you’re a busy mum, a dinner party diva or just searching for the perfect sausage sandwich.

Versatile, quick, economical and delicious, it’s always the right time to eat sausages.

I’m a greater lover of recipe books and especially those which include simple and quick meal ideas. I do love to cook but as a busy mum with my own business it’s not always that easy to find the time to spend on complicated recipes. But I do make a point of cooking proper food for my family each day. So I was quite excited about this book we love sausages – and I wasn’t disappointed, with 110 pages it was full of recipes interspaced with Sausage facts . Plainly categorised for Breakfast, BBQ, Children’s and more.

The recipes were nicely laid out, easy to follow and even included some tips on variations and alternatives. They ranged from traditional Toad in the Hole to more complicated dishes for entertaining and also included some recipes for sausage accompaniments like onion gravy and homemade ketchup.

The first recipe we tried was Sausage and Carrot casserole with Apply Gravy – my favourite kind of recipe – one pot with lots of nutritious ingredients like fruit and vegetables and the other ingredients were common store cupboard items. First attempt and it came out just fine – one of those recipes where you can’t really go too far wrong, it doesn’t matter if it’s a bit mushier one time than another. We all loved it including my 18m old who is always impressed by having his much loved fruit in his main meal as well as pudding and snacks!

My only criticism was that not every recipe had a picture of the finished meal.

I thought the book was good value though at £7.99 as it has plenty of content, and generally a good read as well as a kitchen shelf essential for the sausage fan. 25 pence from every sale also goes to Help for Heroes.