BOOK REVIEW: 'Something's Drastic' by Michael Rosen

'Something's Drastic' is a collection of poems by Michael Rosen, published by Collins as part of their 'BIG CAT' set of banded early reading books. (Band 12, Copper - aimed at ages 7-8)

I remember reading and meeting Michael Rosen when I wa about 5 and it's been a pleasure to read this collection with my daughter of the same age and her younger sister. We had great fun with it, most of them my daughter could read herself and the pair of them laughed out loud at most of these ultra modern, realistic and cheeky poems!

It includes 18 snappy, funny poems including my girls' favourite - Michael Rosen's take on 'Hey Diddle Diddle' where the dish runs away with the chocolate biscuits.

I really think there is a wide age range for this book as some poems are simple and short while others take a little more thought and higher level development of sense of humour, sarcasm and irony.

Some of you will have seen Big Cat Collins books brought home from school and will probably agree that the best thing about these is that they include pages at the back with ideas to help with teaching reading and getting the most out of discussing stories etc. This one includes a 'feelings wheel' at the end which highlights some phrases from the book and the child has to choose the segment of the wheel that fits - e.g happy, funny, scary and so on. I thought this was a nice touch and really encouraged my daughter to go back and find the corresponding poem and re-read it to decide.

It's well illustrated too (by Tim Archbold - much like Quentin Blake style) which appealed to both girls.

At the end it got the seal of approval - "can we read it again tomorrow?"

Definately recommended as something different for developing reading skills instead of the usual basic stories.

Thanks for letting us try it!