Book Review - Top tips for weaning - Gina Ford

Gina's no-nonsense quick and easy tips will help you to:

Understand which foods to introduce at what age

Get the balance of milk feeds and solids right

Eliminate night feeds once solids are introduced

Gina's tried and tested methods and reassuring voice will guide you through this exciting time for you and your baby.

I gave this book to my friend who has a 5 and a half month old and was so worried and nervous about weaning. She read the book all the way through first, not just the bits she needed to know, and said that was the best thing to do. Reading it all made her understand that it wasn't scary and by following a few simple rules it was quite easy.

It's a brilliant book with advice on when to wean, introducing food, what foods to introduce first, how to make and store your own food, the different staged of weaning, problems you may come across with weaning, giving up milk altogether plus loads more help and advice.

It's a small book too, which is brilliant, it's not a huge hardback book, it's a small paperback which can be taken with you when your out and about with baby, can slip into your changing bag or handbag to help with problems. Even though its small, its packed full of all the information you will need. Its full of facts and pointers not padded with waffle!!

So, my friend has started on her road to solids and both her and baby are enjoying it! Taking Gina's advice she has started with sweet potatoes and carrots mashed up and baby loves it. All her worry and anxiety about weaning has gone.

Brilliant easy to follow book - 5 stars *****