Hi everyone, not been on here for such a long time but now I need your pearls of widsom!  
My ES turned 11yrs old a couple of months ago and I really don't like the person he's became (feels like literally overnight).  He is moody, cheeky, thinks he is 16 not 11.  He constantly looks dirty and unkempt (even though he showers daily), has been in trouble at school (not concentrating, too much carry-on!) and now I find out that he has been bullying/threatening to fight a fellow classmate.  All my punishments seem to fail....at the moment he is grounded, FB account deleted, no xbox, no pocket money.......
I know a lot of you will feel sympathy for the bullying victim, but I am asking you to help with my side of the problem.....how do I stop my son being the bully?
I physically feel sick when I think of him going to the High School after summer holiday....I need this nipped in the bud!
I can't think of any reason why he has changed......we are a family unit, husband works, I am a SAHM.....nothing has changed in our family set-up.
Hope someone can offer advice, I need it :-((