Double Whammy


Not had a good week on the old gardening front.

Firstly, the council decided to knock down a wall at the front of our flats. They will be replacing it next week with a hideous post and rail affair (sob- our lovely rustic wall!) but to do so they will almost certainly need to dig up my purple sprouting broccoli plants, before they've had a chance to get going :( Blooming council.

Then I went to the allotment yesterday and realised that yes, my leeks do have leek rust. indeed they have it badly, and many are literally disintegrating. I dug up four of the least affected ones and we ate them this weekend- we'll try to eat as many as we can before they get too bad. I shan't bother to freeze them though, someone told me they go bitter if you do. The ones we had this weekend were lush- buttery and pungent, there's nothing like fresh leeks!

Both the PSB and the leeks were designed to feed us over the winter though so I'm a bit upset about it. I've still got a mammoth red cabbage to process and freeze, plus the swedes and the parsnips and the squashes, so long as nothing happens to any of them (!!!) but even so, it's a shame. 

Pesky mother nature! Oh well, there's always Lidl. Grumble grumble.