The future of the chat thread: Now with a decision!


The Chat Thread, in its current form, will be closed at 50,000 posts. We have been invited to discuss what form of chat we would like in the future.

The current daily chat threads will, to the best of my knowledge, continue in their current form regardless. The question is, will these threads be sufficient to cover general daily chat, with additional threads as needed, or is there still a place for a longer chat thread, to contain rants, drunken ramblings and general madness.

My position is that, yes, a longer thread is still needed, and I believe a suggested name for it of "Behind the Bikesheds" is rather appropriate. However, other views are also needed.

I know this was discussed at length last summer, in a situation that caused discussions to get heated. There has been time since for reflection so hopefully this can be a positive discusson. Please contribute, if only to say that you have no interest whatsoever in whatever the crazy section of the membership wants to get up to!