GCE Decision Mathematics

Did anyones kids take GCE Decision Mathematics last week?
I invigilated this exam at a local High School. I could not believe what I was seeing. It was a 1 hour 30 exam, there were about 5 questions, each was a collection of shapes and lines with measurements, followed by a question something like calculate x or whatever. This was followed by about 4-5 blank pages for the childrens answers. Walking round the exam there seemed to be a lot of crossing out going on. I read through the paper(out of boredem) it meant nothing to me it could have been in Chinese I would have understood just as much.

A lot of people are saying about exams being dumbed down but this one well!
And what is Decision Mathematics anyway?

I know it was a lot of years ago I did my exams but they have such wierd and wonderful names these days!