Hey all!

As you may know, my son Alex moves from special to mainstream school later this year and from now onwards this will be increasingly time and energy consuming. He’s going to need a lot of support, not just in the evenings but I expect to be in and out of the school so often I will get dizzy. So I’ve decided to give up work and just concentrate on him- getting him through the transition period, settling in full time and then getting through the first year at least, (probably a good deal longer) after which I will re-evaluate.

I also plan to continue my studies at some point. And there's the allotment, and the cats and... oh, I shall be happy and occupied, I won't get bored! But I'll be able to put Alex and his needs first for a bit. Not that I don't usually, but... oh you know!

I've worked with this community for a long time and been a member longer so it's going to be very strange indeed not being on so often...

I was just going to slope off quietly but I got a message today about HP (which is what I'm there for! No probs!) and I could forsee a situation where maybe someone needed access, mailed me and I didn't pick up for days. Which would be awful. So I thought I'd better pop a note on here to let you all know that while I'll be about now and then, I won't officially be staff any more. (also then I get to do a nice dramatic goodbye and have people saying nice things about missing me... heehee!)

Feels blooming weird! Beth x