Is Higher Education promoted too much ?

Reading Corris's thread got me thinking = we have had 3 go through High School now, one went to sixth form college and tried uni, two went to college. ED is due to finish this time she has hated this year, ES did 3 years, worked and is back again and talking Uni in a couple of years.

I've noticed over the years that the way they present university entrance has changed and personally I dont' th ink it's a good thing. When I was at school you had to work hard and gain good grades to get into uni but also have a wish to go and desire to continue learning (all makes sense) but you were given other options too.

I've noticed over the last few years that they are pushing this to ALL kids now = and making it sound like the other choices are second best - but their not, even kids that are clever enough to GO to uni might not acutally be best placed there.

I took ED to the local High School's sixth form open night before she started college, not one word was said about any of the alternatives and knowing she didn't want uni it put her right off. According to one of the teachers there it's bums on seats mentatliy and even if some of those kids drop out the school can still say they went.

what happened to valuing hands on jobs, we still need manual workers, plumbers and joiners etc.

Didnt want to take over Corris's thread so thought I'd start a new one - do you think or have you experience of uni being pushed at kids too much or do you think the balance is right ?