Alex has been given the opportunity to go on holiday in a couple of weeks. I've just been off the phone with someone from his school but its not with the school its with a charity. I think they had someone pull out?

The plusses are- well I'm very pro kids getting away from parents and having some independence- on activity holidays like this if that's what floats their boat, as I think it's really good for them. He went sailing with his school in October, first time he had been away from home without me (except to his Nan's) and he got SO much out of it. I do think it's character building and its a great opportunity. Also there will no doubt be residentials at his new school and the more practice he has doing them, the better.

The main negatives are that it isn't like the sailing where he went with the school and knew all the staff and students, he will know a handful- say three- of other students and they all (obviously) hve special needs too- I'm worried he'll feel unsafe. It's at the other end of the country, so if he can't cope, or if he gets ill, it will take me 5 hours to get there, and money being especially tight going and staying in the locality myself really isn't an option sadly, especially as I don't know (till he brings home the letter later) how much it will be costing me to send him... I'm not sure how I'm going to afford it anyway TBH but I'lll find the money somewhere if he wants to go! I'm worried the staff will see that he is verbal and able and not actually realise he has the common sense of a postage stamp.

The staff will apparently come to our house to officially meet Alex and assess his needs before they go, so its not as if I will be sending Alex off with TOTAL strangers, but it feels like it! Also like I say it is with a registered charity with police checked people, for what that is worth and they do have experience with sen and particularly autism and I KNOW I am an old worrywart, but I am still worried.

Um... so what do you think? Obviously Alex isn't home yet so I haven't been able to ask him, he might say not a chance and that will be that.