Home school help needed!

You & your kids 

Need some tips from homeschoolers, teachers and well just about everyone really *grin*

Alex's school has a new build, on a different site from the old one. They are moving soon, and are shutting the school for over a week but potentially more while they do the changeover. That's all fine and legal and what have you. No issues with that, I'm lucky enough to work from home so there's no implications job wise etc.

I've told Alex that he is NOT having a 2 week mid-half-term holiday, and that we are going to be working during that time. i suspect letting him have it off to chill (ie play on the wii all day) would be very bad for him, so a temporary home school it is.

I've got a stack of Sats papers he can work through that will occupy some of the time, and I shall be making very wide use of the worksheets here, thanks TSR!- but I was looking for more ideas to support his learning in other areas.

Because of my issues, and his issues (what a pair eh!), we can't go anywhere too busy, noisy or crowded. I thought we could take advantage of the off peak swimming rates at the local baths (pe) and I thought perhaps a trip to the local cathedral (RE and possibly Art- there's some rather fine stained glass and other artwork there, and we could maybe then do some glass painting off the back of that if I get the stuff) but I'm really open to lots and lots of ideas

Of course lunch out and some other fun stuff is a must :)

Thanks in advance :)