House viewing Monday


at 4pm. Please cross everything.

Foolishly I spent two days washing every scrap so that there wasn't a big heap of clean on the sofa awaiting folding, and nothing draped all over the radiators and then yesterday sent the kids up to tidy their rooms.

My washing pile now takes up at least half of my newly scrubbed kitchen floor, and I have no idea where to hide it, every cupboard is crammed with 'stuff' and I STILL have food out on the sides in the kitchen.

Because OH and I went campervanning to France I stopped the camper with food, and bought extra in for the kids.

So when I came back we had everything from two salts and two vinegars to a pile of tinned food.

And I can't get it all in my cupboards.

So OH emptied the van and left it all on the side, and I've been looking at it for a week not knowing what to do with it.

On the upside I threw away every scrap of tupperware with no lid yesterday - which was everything bar one container.

Now given that I did that exercise a year and a half ago when we moved back here where on earth do the lids go?