I think I just turned into my mother!!!

I think I just turned into my mother!!

OD said she was going out with friends today, fair enough. Usually they stay close to home & I know where she is and who with. I felt that was a reasonable ask. I have said many times in the past that she is not to go into a neigbouring town. She has her key, her phone & some money. I usually end up with a houseful of teenagers at some point, which I don't mind as I'd rather know where they all were & that that they are safe.

I got a text message a little while ago saying there were all off to a skate park. I asked where it was as I know there isn't one near us, tad too far away for my liking, so I said no. I got a load of attitude, then discovered after a few texts, that she was in said town mentioned earlier. At which point I phoned her. Apparently the plans had changed when she met up with everyone this morning, she hadn't lied to me, she wanted to stay with them... She didn't tell me at all as she knew what I would say.
I've told her, not asked her, to come back into our town or come home. Further attitude & screaming at me down the phone, then I said either you walk home now, or I come and get you.