I think I'm starting to hate my kids!!!

OK, maybe a slight exaggeration with my post title.....maybe!!   They are driving me and my husband absolutely bloody nuts.  They fight and argue CONSTANTLY!  There is no peace, no laughter, no enjoyment in living in this house.  They are two boys, aged 7 and 11.  We live in a 2 bedroomed flat so they HAVE to share a room, which means that there is nowhere for them to go to get time-out from each other.  They can't even sit at the table together for meals without it turning into a friggen argument.....and its every single day!  Seriously at end of my thether.  Both were sent to bed tonight at 6pm.  Husband ended up screaming at them that he hated them (although quickly backtracked and said it was the behaviour he hated).  

7 yr old is just a complete wind-up, would cause a fight in an empty house.  I have tried getting him interested in playing games with me, taking dog out for walks with me, arts and craft activities.... but he gets bored after a few minutes and then the cheekiness and naughtyness starts.

My 11 year old walks about with his face tripping him most of the time, whinges about everything, nothing I say is right, continually argues with me (and the rest of the house), not interested in anything unless its the computer, x-box or something that will benefit him.

Like I said, they were sent  to bed at 6pm ....they are STILL arguing.  I honestly feel like I am either going to go mad,  or I am going to walk out this house and not come back.  I am that angry and stressed my chest is hurting.   I am sitting her on computer with a coffee and totally ignoring them.  I am hopng that once I press SEND and post this I will feel better....getting it all off my chest so to speak.