I understand that you can't wander the streets shooting people


I really do.

But I cannot seem to soften my stance that if someone bloomin' well breaks into your home, and is in your house illegally, that you should be able to shoot them.  I have no idea if that makes me some sort of social psychopath......... but they shouldn't be there, they are breaking the law, they have no business doing that!  They could have been carrying knives with intent to murder or rape - Am I totally out of step?

The stepfather of a woman held by police for three days over the shooting of two burglars said last night: 'I'd have blown their bloody heads off.'

John Towell said Tracey Ferrie and her husband Andy who was also arrested had faced a gang of four men at their isolated cottage in the early hours.

He said: 'Four of them came in. Andy and Tracey did what anyone would have done.' He said the law must now be changed to protect property owners who act to defend their land when it is burgled.

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