Ipod Touch


YD has been going on & on about having one of these & has driven me completely round the bend about it.
She wants to spend her pocket money on it as it plays music. I don't know much about these things, but her phone plays music, I know it does as I've loaded stuff onto it., her phone plays games, takes photos, videos and all that jolly & it cost £40. The Ipod shes seen costs £150! I can't help feeling its another wasted gadget.

I've had to phone her at her Dads and talk to her as her last text read "Its my money" cheeky mare. (I spoke to her Dad as well, as he doesn't help by fuelling all this, teling her he pays CSA £300 a month, bl**dy liar.)

Am I being a scrooge putting my foot down & saying no to this Ipod touch?