It's almost a year since the last Statutory Assesement.

Well deep breath and I am going to be asking for help again.

Quick recap - YD is now 11 and in year 6 she was diagnosed with a severe speech and language delay and phonics problem very early on and spent 2 years in a language unit returning to main stream early due to the closure.

She is on School Action plus, has 10 hours a week support with an LSA she shares with another boy who is autistic (lovely lad but totally different needs). This year she went into year 6 and things were altered to keep her in the classroom more which is working great now she has realised that the harder work would have happened had she been out of the classroom lol.

Last year we asked for an assessment and were refused - we appealed they backed down and we got the SA - we were refused a statement, they reconsidered and came back with a NOte in Lieu (useless). Then we were told that our area is now being funded for SEN via Adaki funding so the money goes directly to the school, any child with under 15 hours support who is not autistic ??? is covered by this funding.

Senco felt we were justified in asking for more hours to meet K's personal needs but Head teacher then said that due to the set up they could not use more hours so we chose not to appeal - you can only do that once apparantly unless things change. We decided to return in a year - which is almost up I need to check dates and begin getting info togeather again. By Easter she will have been given her High School place - she now has a formal diagnosis of a learning disablity as well as the speech.

The paed and the Senco from our chose High School have both stated that they feel she should be statements - and will support our application, the HS Senco has assured me that it's in their interest to support us and gain the right level of support for K prior to her going to the school (we are praying we are given that place).

First things first is I need to look at the SAT's set up and whether she will be taking them ach, then contact PP and ask when we can ask for a new review.

So any advice will be very gratefully accepted. Will they do a whole new assessment do you know ? She hasn't seen the Ed Psych since her first meeting with her last Christmas - so not even sure she will see the same person.

LAC's (Language and Social Communications) are meant to be involved with her transfer to High School - haha they referred her to the panel, we know nothing on the results and I'm finding it impossible to talk to anyone but she was never discharged so should by rights still be on their list. However if they cannot help we need to look at other support to prepare her for HS and I'm not sure what or where that comes from.

I'm not as worried as I was about her moving up, she will be almost 12 and we are working on various coping techniques and stategies to help her learn to cope the main one being 'stop , think - decide and act'. Simple and straight forward.

Sorry this is so long - I got so much help last time but all the advice was lost bar the notes I made which weren't enough tbh.

So once I find out when exactly the twelve months is up do I just start the process again ?

Thanks in anticipation

p xx