Kitten or puppy....


Our kitten Puddles still hasn't appeared & its been a month now so its not looking likely that she'll return home.
We went with my sister yesterday to bring her puppy, Lola back for a home visit. The lady she has come from has 3 boys left, they are yorkshire terrier/shitzu cross, absolutely gorgeous. YD loved it to bits sitting at A's playing.
I took the girls to the RSPCA rescue centre this morning, thinking I'd start there for a new kitten, they have loads atm, even a ginger one. I went to reception filled out the paper work to be told that because we live on a main road they wouldn't let us re home anything. We've been offered a home visit anyways, which I think would be wasting someones time if thats the case. I was really miffed that my noble attempt to rehome rather than buy was thwarted.
We've always had pets, and I do miss having a dog.
Bit of a quandry now... Do we wait until someone says they need to rehome, do we buy or shall I splurge £275 on the puppy??