A Late Thank You.... and a mystery!!

Firstly, sorry to my SS that I haven't posted a thank you. I received a gift today which I am NOW presuming is from my SS ...... a gorgeous leopard print top and a fluffy basket with loads of hair goodies in..... PLUS a top for ED and a top/ leggings set for my YD, so super super spoilt.

Now the reason that I didn't post before. I received an anonymous gift - envolope containing only a wrapped present, which I presumed was from my SS. When I opened it on Christmas day, I was quite surprised to find an underwear set. Not quite crotchless pants and peek a boo bra..... but not to far off either!! So I was a bit confused as to why an internet buddy from a parenting site would send me that!!

So anyway - thank you to SS, I love my gifts - as do the kids.

And to my *alternative* SS........?????? If I found out who they were from, I'll let you all know!!!!