A few months back when we first started on the long process, the doctor talked about starting ys on melatonin because he doesnt sleep for more than an hour or so at night and its very broken sleep.  He just cant wind down, if he does nap (not normally but even for 5 minutes in the car), thats him up all night, he doesnt need sleep, well he does because he crys and is moody and has melt downs but just cant sleep.
At the time I didnt want to try him on it because I wasnt sure about side effects (although the doctor said there wasnt any?).  The thing is Im wondering if he slept better would it help with the melt downs, especially as he's due to start nursery in september.

Any views? Anyone use it or think its worth trying? I know it wont make him sleep but if he's at least more restful it may help him and tbh us.