'pink slime' off US menus


Schools across the US are to be allowed to stop serving so-called "pink slime" beef to their pupils at mealtimes.

In a statement, the US Department of Agriculture said schools buying beef from a central government scheme could now choose from a range of options.

The term has become used to describe a type of beef trimming commonly found in school and restaurant beef in the US.

Reports it was widely used in schools prompted a popular outcry, although the beef is certified as safe to eat.

Pink slime, or mechanically recovered meat, was trashed by Jamie Oliver last year and is currently getting a bashing in the US. McDonalds have said they will phase it out. Would you let your child eat it? Should schools be serving it, and would you pay for a higher school dinner price if they stopped? Is it an efficient way of using up the whole of the carcass or a product so poor you wouldn't give it to a dog?