Prince Harry - normal naughty boy? Or complete twerp?


I'll precis for those who don't like to click through - he was in Las Vegas on holiday, met a bunch of girls, invited them back to his room, then played (and lost) at strip billiards - one of his 'new friends' took naked pictures of him (with a girl who was naked) and published them in the paper in the states.

It's definitely him.

Now as everyone knows I'm a bit fond of the Royal family - but blimey, I can't get my head around this.

Prince Harry was today flying back to the UK to face a firestorm over explicit photographs showing him cavorting naked with a mystery woman in a Las Vegas hotel room.

The third in line to the throne has been accused of bringing the Royal Family into global disrepute after the pictures were leaked to a US website.

The grainy shots, taken on a fellow reveller’s mobile phone, show the Queen’s grandson stark naked – apart from a distinctive thong necklace – playing a game of ‘naked billiards’ in his high rollers’ suite at the five-star Wynn Hotel.

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If he was one of my kids and I found the pictures on Facebook I'd be cross - but really, what was he thinking?  Is he just a complete prank?  Or is it not fair he's under the risk of so much exposure and someone took the pictures?  I really can't decide.