Review: LeapFrog Maths Adventure to the Moon DVD


Leap Frog - Maths Advenuture to the Moon DVD

Although my daughters have played with the LeapFrog games before, we have never seen any of their educational DVDs, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I didn't think you'd be able to cover that much maths in a 40 minute film, but I couldn't have been more wrong!

Adventure To The Moon is an animated adventure story about two little frogs, Tad and Lily. Tad is trying to find something interesting to take to school for show and tell. He needs a collection of ten objects. With the help of a funny little firefly called Edison, Tad and Lily travel across the universe to collect some moon rocks, solving all sorts of maths problems on the way. The maths covered includes counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s, patterns and continuing sequences, sorting objects, comparing size, colour and shape and numbers which add together to make 10 e.g. 6+4, 7+3.

Both my daughters loved this DVD and couldn't take their eyes off the screen! They thought all the little characters were very funny and loved joining in with all the songs and puzzles. It certainly works as an educational DVD as my 4 year old had learnt to count to 100 in 10s after only watching it twice! There are lots of catchy songs to help children learn and my daughters joined in with them very quickly. The DVD also has an extras option with a sing-a-long section, making it easy to select individual songs if you don't want to watch the whole film.

Age wise, I would say this DVD is aimed at pre-school or Reception age children. My youngest daughter is 4 and the maths covered is perfect for her. Adventure to the Moon is ideal for her to watch over the summer to help prepare her for school.

Rating: ****