Ys started nursery on Tuesday, they were only in an hour a day last week then this week for an hour and a half 

Things seemed to go well, his teacher was lovely and was aware of all the issues and suggested ways that they'd work with ys. She'd apparently 4 aspire children in her class last year.
Only issue we had was ys didn't want to leave.

Ys' teacher is off sick now, we checked and she'd updated the standin with ys' issues, classroom assistance all know any how so all seemed well.  I arrived to pick ys up and of course he didn't want to leave and had meltdown. In the middle of this the teacher from the next class came out. She said she was the special needs co-ordinater and has decided that ys should only go to nursery from 9-10am for the forseeable future as they've a routine to follow and he won't do story time, or tidy time.

Im so angry! She's special needs!!!! He's just turned 3, he's only done 4 hours in total wtf! There's kids that scream and won't settle yet they aren't being asked to leave.  How dare she decide this without speaking to me and yet she decides to tell me when he's having a meltdown!

Ill be going to the school first thing when they're dropped off and god help them.
I don't know whether to cry or be angry.  I thought we making progress last week