Science GCSEs

I've just heard from Alex's new school (touch wood) that he will not be allowed to do the three seperate sciences the top two groups go in for, but will only be allowed double science. This is despite his tutor recommending he do all three because she feels he's very capable.


Given that science is an area Alex may want to pursue post GCSE, I want to ask- those who have A level scientists, did your children do double or triple science? If double, presumably it was still doable?

There's still time, I think, to change my mind and request Alex go to my second choice school, which does three seperate sciences as standard... but I don't think the school as a whole is the best place for Alex.

Damn... hate it when people don't listen. I hope Alex gets two A's now, just to show them... lol.

I'm also a little irked as we'd spoken about not doing some of the options and having time for personal study/ specialist input instead... well apparently this isn't going to be possible either. GRRRRRRRRRRRR well frankly they can make him do 'resistant materials'  or whatever pointless (for Alex) GCSE equivalent they wish to, but our priorities for homework will be English, Maths and Science, ICT and any other subjects he is likely to actually PASS.