send me some back bone please?

Needless to say this is SS.

He is currently doing a penance - he lied, and rather than punish him he was told to do two (big) chores in the garden and given the deadline of tomorrow to achieve them.  To a certain quality.  Or then he would be punished (grounded) and another chore would be added.

This is not looking achievable from where I'm standing at the moment and the deadline is tomorrow.

Now he has, in a teenage way, done an attempt - and one chore although not finished is so far executed well.  But the digging part is not.  He was told to take out the weeds roots - hasn't - told me he would 'rake them off' and I told him he HAD to take them out as he digged - he hasn't because let's face it that's hard.

He had Monday and Tuesday off and didn't go out to do this until the afternoon on both days having laid about watching films all morning - and Monday disappeared within 2 hours to the nearest town to meet his mates.

He did get up this morning, and is making a last ditch attempt to make it all look like dirt - but not to standard.

Now, my nature is to say 'oh well, you tried, no sanction........ and SS KNOWS this.  I am a Soft Touch.  He put in minimum effort and usually I'd take that as enough because I wouldn't want the scene.

But you know what, I fancy taking a stand.

So send me courage please.