Sleepy Sunday


Morning all :)
The boys were up at some ungodly hour this morning :( Why they don't understand a lie in i'll never know!
Not a lot done this morning but we are going to do some baking this afternoon. We were planning on going to wear m out but last night roo's eye swelled up. I gave him some puriton and it went down - Dad's wife said it looked like a reaction to something - like he'd rubbed his hand in something then rubbed his eye?! I think it's best for a quiet day so I can keep my eye on it. It's all gone down and it's not puffy anymore but he seems to have some bruising under the eye :(
Apart from that I have been looking at all the lovely books I want to buy! I've ordered one and fx crossed it arrives this week as Nanny and grandad are taking the boys to their cousins birthday party next sat which means a WHOLE afternoon, to myself, just me :)
Hope everyone has a lovely sunday x