Thai Chi Thursday.


I know it's not a martial art, but it's all I could thing of - it IS ten to six, and I'm tired.

How did it go BFG?  I remember well my first (and only) Judo class - the next day people kept saying 'are you stiff' and I was bouncing about going 'no, I don't know what the fuss is all about' - but the day after that one of the lads from accounts had to carry me up the stairs to my office........ I was smaller then :)

I have MIL and SIL to-be coming today.  And if I'm to be honest I'm less than thrilled.  I have work to do, because I have a job now - of course OH goes OUT to work, so he has swanned off and doesn't have to deal with them, because I work mostly from home somehow entertaining falls to me.  So that's work gone for a burton then.  Sometimes I hate working from home - people just assume you are 'available' (well OH does).

And my quote for the week 'oh, she isn't fussy, she eats chicken OR fish'.

They are turning up at 11am and not leaving until 7.30 - I offered to take them 'out' somewhere (I'd have thought of something) but no, they want to stay at the house.

So, I am entertaining in-laws today, and had to get up at 5am to work before they arrive.

I have a meeting at 9am - and hope to be back before they get here.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed?

I should say they are lovely lovely people.......... but we've lived here a year and two months now - why on earth do you think they didn't arrange to visit on a Sunday when no one works and OH would be home?

*Hopeful did you get an answer yesterday?*