They may expect too much

Yesterday I had to buy dinner whilst doing the school run - 3pm.  Dinner has to hit the table at 5pm.

I bought (on offer) steak and ale flaky pastry pies (2).

SS caught me up in the store after school finished with 'hello, what's for dinner' (normal greeting).  I said pie, he immediately said 'one of your home made ones'.  When I said no he said 'you may as well feed us smash (indicating the smash packets I was standing next to) - he grinned, I assumed he was joking.

I faced three more 'what's for dinners' and every damned time I faced disappointed faces or censure when I admitted it was a bought pie.

Now, bear in mind it was served with four steamed veg (fresh), two roast (fresh) and mashed potatoes.  A starter (basil, tomato and mozzeralla) and a dessert (lemon or chocolate cheesecake with either raspberry ripple ice cream or extra thick double cream).  I even cooked southern fried chicken strips for youngest to have instead of mozzerella.

Afterwards, with my thanks, I got one of those 'Blind Side' moments where it was pointed out I hadn't actually COOKED it, just served stuff 'from the store'.

It was in good humour don't get me wrong.

But I feel a bit slighted to be honest.

Now, is it just my family?  Do yours sneer a bit at shop pies?  Have I created a monster by spoiling them rotten?  And it is unreasonable to just 'serve shop bought food?'