thinking of home schooling

hi im mum to 3 kids jade 7 kieran 5 and grace nearly 3 my eldest im happy for
her to stay at school as she loves it she very bright and has loads of freinds
however my son is oppersite he is been asssesed for autism and currently he is
at (edited for privacy) school(we aint religious just had best ofsted reports around here)
and its a very small school and so u would think been a small school they would
have better care of kids and there needs but no my son is very unhappy we have
had several meetings an they have said what i wanna hear to then find they aint
doing anything i think its way to structured for him as he no ntrest in learning
he will on computer and if its fun and he see's it as intresting but otherwise
not a chance espec for putting pencil to paper so because he is so unhappy to
point of him harming himself to not go to school attempting to escape which
luckily he aint manged as he been seen each time and he has taken several steps
bk he has even started biting again its adding extra stress on me which of
course he is picking up on and i never knew u could home school until i came
across it doing other reasearch and im liking the idea of having my son at home
where he is happy so id like to find other peoples opions and adice on how to go
about this can i start straight away or do i have to give notice etc also who do
i contact if i have to also id love any links to helpful websites etc i dont
know how long im planning on home schooling as im gonna leave that to kieran
when i think he ready or he wants to go then ill let him go well i think i have
covered most things if u have any questions just ask also can i still get him
statmented if home schooled
thanks for any replies