What Next?

Wiggles had his initial assessment, and while we still dont know what we are facing, its been confirmed that they are taking it serious as he is showing lots of signs.
Im shell shocked to say the least.  Ive been up all night wondering if its something I did when I was pregnant.  He was our surprise baby and in all honesty when I found out I didnt jump for joy as dd was only 4 months and facing numerous medical problems.

OH is now in denial, he had thought there was something not quite right, but at the point yesterday where they made such a big deal because wiggles hugged them he decided they hadnt a clue.  (All out kids are very tactile, more so dd so its learned behaviour really).

Tbh Im not sure what is to happen next.  We've been told they'll assess him over a six month period in two different settings, thats it.

Is there any questions I should be asking them.  Is there anything I can do to help him in the mean time? 

I had asked them was there anything I could do to help with behaviour management for him that I havent been doing, because Id be the first to admit I find wiggles behaviour difficult at times.  I felt like I was an awful parent even asking but they didnt come forth with any advice, or say anything I havent been doing.

While I knew something wasnt right, I feel so guilty and overwhelmed at the same time.  I cant seem to get it into my head that this is a good thing to be getting wiggles any support he may need.