what would you think



i really liked your advice before.... i need some mnore im afraid.

i was reading someone's post on porn (blondebunny??) and I have the same problem, i think its cheating.

my fella says he agrees, which is just what her partner says. im startin to think maybe its possible.

i asked him today why he doesnt like porn and he said he didnt know. fair enough. i asked him if the reason he didnt like it was because it was cheating and he said he didnt know.

i then asked if porn wasnt cheating, would he like it? and he said 'i dont know'

i flipped, because surely if you dont like something, it doesnt matter if it is cheating or not, you still wont like it?

he makes it sound like the only reason he doesnt like it is because its cheating. and that if it wasnt cheating, he would like it.

thus, he likes it really, hes just not doing it because of me.

what do you think?