What's your opinion?


Hey everyone need a little bit of help with this one. I've been with my partner for just under a year now and things are going alright, we have our issues but what couple doesn't? So anyway here's the dilemma i need your help with. My OH plays an online game a lot and i don't mind it gets him out from under my feet LOL but just this past weekend at his house ( we don't live together) he spent the whole weekend playing this and practically ignored me so i ended up falling asleep. We got back to mine yesterday and he went on the PC as soon as we got in. A little while later i went through and jokingly asked if he was talking dirty to his cyber girlfriend and he said ' ah it's only a bit of fun' i asked him what he meant and he said he'd been speaking (talking dirty) to a woman on the game site he goes on. I told him he was bang out of order and he needed to get off it now and to ignore me all weekend and do this while i was in the room was even worse. I felt(and still do) totally sick that he could do this. I asked him how he'd feel if he was in my position and he said he wouldn't bother. He totally doesn't get how this would hurt me! This morning before he went to work he was all full of apologies and saying how much he loved me and how he would never cheat blah,blah you know the story. What i want to know is am i blowing this out of proprtion or not? This is the same guy who hates the fact i have male friends and gives me grief whenever i speak to them or they txt me. He says things like 'you'd be better off with that guy or is he wanting to sleep with you'etc whenever they txt me or i mention i was speaking to one of them.
I'd really appreciate your opinions please and sorry if this is just ramblings. I'm still trying not to get upset about this.