When I was a child I loved:


The woods- dens, pretending to be foxes or badgers, hide and seek... loved it.

extra curricular workshops- preferably nothing to do with school at all. And all day, for continuity. Later residential type holidays.

Painting, drawing, modelmaking, sculpting

Writing stories, and reading them.

Mashed potato... school mash... mmmmmm. And pilchards and cheese. preferably on the same plate.

picnics in the park.

Kylie, Jason, Tiffany at 7.... and then by 10 or so Skid Row, Def Leppard, Guns n Roses, Iron Maiden.... rofl. My musical tastes were a bit fluid at that age hehe.

What did you like when you were a child? I'm thinking primary level here, and not really things like love and stability, just the little things.